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1. Allows applications to temporary legal status, ability to apply for Green Cards, possibilities to obtain citizenship in 3 years. (Dreamers, TPS Holders, Immigrant Farmworkers are eligible)
2. Clears backlogs, Recaptures unused Visas to eliminate long wait times, eliminates “3 and 10-year bars” that keep families apart
3. Stops funding for detentions, deportations, and stops funding for the border wall
4. Creates a path to citizenship for 11+ Million Undocumented immigrants in the U.S.


1. This is a temporary stop to most deportations. (People without a final removal order can not be deported for 100 days starting Friday January 22, 2021)
2. Agency wide reviews of enforcement actions within Department of Homeland Security
3. New policies are expected to be made by the end of the 100 days
4. New priorities in detentions from ICE: Those deemed “National Threats” decided by the gov. and those convicted of an “Aggravated Felony”.
*Many people still fall under the deportation list due to the malpractices commited by members of DHS inside and outside of courts* 
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